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The kind people at Dolma sent me some samples of their vegan aftershaves to review. Thank you!

Check out their website for their great range of vegan products which are palm oil and paraben free.

When I first went vegan I found it difficult to track down a vegan perfume for my Mum’s birthday let alone a male fragrance. It’s great that Dolma offer a range of 100% vegan fragrances and other products.

Personally I like to wear a fragrance when I have guests or I’m going out. Whether it’s to see friends or family or even going shopping (you never know who you’ll bump into).

I thought I’d comment on each cologne which are Imagine, Freedom, Sirius and Kwame. Below is my brief review and Domla’s full description of each fragrance.

My brief review followed by Dolma's full descripton.

Imagine. A fresh and modern fragrance which is clean, crisp and something I’d wear to a wedding or formal event.


This aftershave cologne is a unique fragrance, a fresh, modern classic. Imagine is a masculine scent we’ve updated for today’s generation. Like the whole Dolma range, Imagine is created without cruelty and with compassion for all living beings. Following the ethics of our founder, Jim Payne, we leave out animal ingredients, reject animal testing and put in essential ingredients to give you a wooded and spicy scent to last for hours. This aftershave began as a unisex fragrance called Quintet (as a musician, Jim loved musically inspired names). He then revised the formula to create Imagine as a defined masculine aftershave. Imagine is now a contemporary, strong, dark, earthy scent with a hint of musk, a trace of sweetness and an intensity that stays with you from day to evening. Splash on in the morning to complement your formal or professional wear or save for evening times.

Sirius. This one is more me and I’d wear this to a party. A crisp, woody and long lasting fragrance. It made me feel fresh all day.


Another distinguishing Dolma original, Sirius aftershave cologne is an original blend of spicy, sweet and woody aromas. Lovers of the great British outdoors will feel immersed in this cologne and its earthy essence which works before and after a workout. Aromatic artemisia fused with the herbiness of bergamot and essence of forest pine, peppermint and cedarwood are associated with promoting health. Respecting our founder’s ethos and inventiveness, we keep the name ‘Sirius’ representing Jim’s love of astronomy. Sirius means the brightest star in the earth’s night sky. Jim’s daughter April saw the potential in creating aftershave colognes for men in the 1980s and encouraged her father to make Sirius. Much loved by friends and family it remains a firm favourite. Herbal, earthy and woody meet peppermint, pine and patchouli in a subtle yet distinctive day to evening cologne fragrance. Splash on Sirius and feel grounded.

Freedom. This one is another one I’d wear to a formal event. A strong “traditional” male cologne.


This Dolma signature aftershave cologne is a fusion of tropical grass and petals on a wooded base with citrus at its heart. When the orange and ylang ylang notes fade, the cedar and sandalwood remain, while vertivert captures the base notes to make them linger. A fragrance reflects personal style and is a part of how we wish to be remembered. As vegans, we believe all animals deserve to live in an environment filled with kindness and free from harm. We wish for a world where all sentient beings live their lives naturally, alongside humans instead of for humans. The name of this cologne, Freedom, represents liberty and individualism. Jim Payne and his daughter, Dolma’s founders, wished for a compassionate age, where all fragrance is made cruelty-free. Freedom’s scents are strong, its ingredients health-promoting – wear it with a clear conscience. Every Dolma fragrance is blended using essential oils with synthetic compounds in consideration of our planet. Choose to wear Freedom every day or interchange with others in the Dolma range.

Kwame. This is my absolute favourite. Modern, fresh and a younger fragrance with hints of spices. This is one I’d take on holiday as my everyday fragrance. I’ll absolutely be buying this one once it runs out.


A self-defining fragrance featuring citrus, mint and spice, Kwame offers a fresh and invigorating start to the day. Kwame means ‘man born on a Saturday’ and could be your new weekend favourite, a chief associate for relaxation and leisure times. The crisp citrus top note blended with the tangy spearmint intermingles with the delicate spice of nutmeg. Fresh and invigorating, this is a unique aftershave cologne with staying power. It leaves a mellow fragrance of orange, mint and light spice from dawn till dusk. Soothe the body, relax the mind and satisfy your sporty, energetic self with a clear conscience. Retaining our founder’s ethics, all Dolma colognes are vegan and cruelty-free – and made with least possible effect on the environment. Splash on to your palms, gently apply to your face and allow the cologne to settle on your skin. Why not try all four colognes and alternate to suit the occasion.

Author: Self taught cook, Blogger, YouTuber, Recipe Maker & Advisor. Living with liver disease & healing through a vegan diet.

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