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Interview with Model/Actor Max Adonis


Max Adonis

Actor & Model

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1. Please tell me a little more about yourself and your social media.
1. Hey there my names Cory, or Most people online know me as Max Adonis. I post lots of photos from shoots I do with studios or other awesome photographers. I like to share personal moments from my life. that usually includes me cooking half naked lol. 
2. How long have you been vegan? 
2. This November will be 4 years officially! My life completely changed that fall in 2015.
3. Why did you decide to go vegan?
3. The YouTube community really helped me go vegan! It helped put multiple faces on the movement. Twitter and peta videos were all I knew. And it turned me off. I didn’t want to see any of the slaughter videos because it would make me think twice about my choices. Well a few years later I was going through some changes and wasn’t feeling very healthy at all. I wanted to get “healthy” and looked up online a smoothie recipe that happened to be on fully raw Kristina’s channel. There she was blending away and I watched some more videos and her message resonated with me and made sense. fruits and veggies are healthy it was so obvious! She really spoke to me about wellness. Next I saw some videos by vegan gains and then Jon Venus. He blew my mind, I had no idea you could bodybuild while you’re vegan. I had believed all the lies about vegans being weak. After seeing his channel I was sold. I had to try this. It wasn’t until 5 months later I watched Gary Yourofsky’s speech and truly made the connection. To see the pain I was supporting all those years. I have never cried so hard in my life. It was a true awakening and I vowed that I wasn’t doing this for (essentially what was) vanity reasons. I had a purpose and that was to spread this message to save as many animals as I can. 
4. How has it changed your life, health and outlook?
4. It’s changed my life considerably. It’s shown me who my real friends are. Who was real enough to support my choice and to not poke fun consistently. I understand my body and food much better now. I feel absolutely amazing now. My digestion is perfect compared to where I was before. I feel much clearer in my mind, lighter, more flexible and believe it or not younger. 
5. What’s the hardest thing about being vegan?
5. It wasn’t hard persay just tedious. I did it completely alone and had no one to go to in my personal life for answers. I spent hours everyday watching videos on online. Recipes, days in the life’s, and more. Any time I had for entertainment I opted for learning more about the lifestyle. That was for a better part of two years. Failure was not an option in my mind.
6. What’s your favourite meal?
6. I have too many! Vegan chili lately with cashew sour creme. Or this Delicious peanut sauce seitan dish. I love a big açaí bowl or a big dish of lasagna with garlic bread. 
7. Are there any foods you miss or crave?
7. I used to crave this peppercorn crusted steak. But that honestly couldn’t be farther from how I feel now.
 8. Have you convinced any friends or family to change their lifestyle?
8. My sister is in and out of it. I’m trying to help her. However on Instagram I have had quite a few saying I helped them make the connection.
9. Who/what is your biggest inspiration?

9. My biggest inspiration lately has been Ed Winters. His approach to activism is very inspiring. He doesn’t have that aggressive under tone I notice with some activists. Ed finds a way to keep someone from jumping on the defense. 

10. What advice would you give someone who is thinking about going vegan?
10. I’d say to them don’t give up. The animals, the planet are counting on you. What you do everyday matters. What you choose to eat, wear or buy, matters. When we behave as a collective we can change the world for the better. 

"The animals, the planet are counting on you. What you do everyday matters".

“I feel absolutely amazing now. My digestion is perfect compared to where I was before. I feel much clearer in my mind, lighter, more flexible and believe it or not younger”.

Author: Self taught cook, Blogger, YouTuber, Recipe Maker & Advisor. Living with liver disease & healing through a vegan diet.


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