Aaron's Alcohol & Addiction Support

I offer one to one & group sessions to help with addiction and improving your health.

In January 2020 I revealed a secret, I’m a recovering alcoholic suffering with chronic liver disease. It’s something I’d kept hidden (as best I could) because it comes with a lot of shame and was a part of my life I’d rather forget. After speaking to a food journalist in a café in Brighton she told me my story could help others and convinced me to share it on my blog.   

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After a lot of thought I shared my story on my blog and it went viral. The support I received was overwhelming and I realised I’m not alone in my struggles. In fact, there are millions suffering with alcohol addiction in the UK alone.

I receive many emails, weekly from people around the world who are looking for help with getting sober, staying sober, finding motivation and improving their health through a plant-based diet.

I decided to use my experince to help others in the hope that they/you won’t get anywhere near to death as I did.

I can help you find your inner strength and turn your life around!

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£45 per session (45-60 minutes)

We can chat by video or over the phone. Whatever you’re more comfortable with.

One to one or group sessions available.

Sessions available for friends and family of people suffering from alcoholism.

Small print.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist but I have almost 10 years experience of sobriety and even more of being alcohol dependent. My advise is from personal experience which has worked for me and many others. My health is closely monitored by medical professionals.

Although I’m vegan I will not discuss my diet unless asked. In other words my main focus is getting you sober not turning you vegan.

*£10 booking fee payable by PayPal or bank transfer. Non refundable if booking is canceled. Remaining balance to be paid in full 3 days before the session.

I will not be able to help anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and our session will be terminated and rearranged.